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Someone once said "We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone" Wedding days are special and unique and you don't want to miss a second of it. With my discreet filming we aim to capture every second of it for you to revisit again and again.


No job too big or too small we can cover it all, highlights or annual events, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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If pictures speak louder than words then what better way to advertise your business and what you do through film?


Capturing moments of glory, achievements and mistakes to learn from, recreated in short films.

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It was at secondary school when I first made a video and presented it to my class that I fell in love with capturing events and life moments and making them into a story to share with others - after all why tell someone something when you can show them? I am somewhat of a perfectionist and take time and pride in all I do to ensure that what I produce is as true to life as possible. throughout my 40 years I have tried to capture all walks of life, from my work, to my interests, my family life, family events and travels as well as things around my local area. There is nothing more satisfying than looking back on something I have created to reminisce and I aim to do the same for you.

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